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Welcome from Independent Chair, Phil Picton

Hi, I’m Phil Picton, Independent Chair for the Essex Safeguarding Adults Board (ESAB) and I’d like to welcome you to the Board website. Whether you are visiting the website for professional reasons, or as a carer or member of the public we hope you find the information you need.

Before joining the ESAB, I was a Director in both Police and NHS organisations and also chaired safeguarding boards in three local authorities – Hertfordshire, Slough and Central Bedfordshire.  All of these roles have really made me aware of how important it is that organisations and professionals work well together if they are to keep vulnerable adults and children safe.  I see my responsibility as helping the thousands of professionals in Essex to work together and to make sure that they have every opportunity to learn better ways of safeguarding people.

So why is the work of the ESAB so important? The Board has an important strategic role to co-ordinate safeguarding activity across a very wide partnership in Essex and to provide challenge when it is needed. The Board will bring agencies together to work effectively and share information, setting policies and procedures, and organising multi-agency training.

The Board does not get involved in specific safeguarding cases – this is for the individual organisations to carry out. However, we are the organisational body that would undertake a review into a case where a person may have died or been seriously harmed and where abuse or neglect are thought to be a contributory factor and where there may be multiple agency implications. These reviews are usually referred to as Safeguarding Adult Reviews.

We have a very active Board in Essex and its priorities for the coming 12 months, are:

Strategic Priority 1: Mental Health 

ESAB to be assured that adults in Essex are experiencing safe high quality mental health services. 
Assurance is provided to ESAB that service users are safe during periods of in-patient mental health care including timely mental health assessments and adequate provision of in-patient mental health facilities across the county

Strategic Priority 2: Learning & Development 

Professionals are putting into practice findings from relevant case reviews. Addiction and substance misuse is understood more clearly by non-specialist practitioners

Strategic Priority 3: Audit and Performance

This includes for ESAB to be assured that Making Safeguarding Personal is fully embedded in Essex and that it has a clear approach to the prevention of abuse and safeguarding issues, raising awareness among carers of safeguarding and providers of early help

Strategic Priority 4: Operational Safeguarding

ESAB to be assured that “Vulnerable People” who do not fit into traditional eligibility criteria and services are safeguarded. Referrers of safeguarding concerns receive timely and appropriate feedback about the safeguarding concerns that they raise.

Strategic Priority 5: Board Development

ESAB operates as an effective safeguarding board fulfilling its statutory requirements.

I do hope that you find the information you are looking for on our website. Please do let us know if you have any difficulties and we will try our hardest to help you and improve the site for any future use.

Phil Picton,
Independent Chair