ESAB Safeguarding DVD

The DVD is intended to support trainers who are delivering Safeguarding Adults training by encouraging engagement from learners through discussion of key points from a mixture of acted and real life examples.

The DVD is split into 2 main sections:

1.      Section 1 contains a series of acted scenarios designed to provoke discussion regarding the various abuse types, safeguarding concerns and professional boundaries.

2.      Section 2 contains a collection of six news clips all relating to stories covered by the national press in the last few years. Each of the stories relates to a different abuse type. Additional useful media coverage is pointed to under ‘Additional Resources’.


Price             £40+VAT

P&P               £2 per order

Order a copy

To order your copy of ESAB's new safeguarding adults training DVD, simply click on the link below, to take you to the online request form, where you can fill in the details required. Once this is submitted, we'll dispatch your order within 10 working days and will enclose an invoice for £40 per copy of the DVD plus postage.

Don't forget to print a copy of the DVD facilitator's guide included on the disc. This document is designed to help you to get the most out of the DVD when delivering training.

Once you have submitted this application your order will be dispatched within 10 working days and will include an order invoice including payment instructions. By submitting this order you are agreeing that your organisation will pay that invoice within 30 days of receipt.

Safeguarding Adults Training DVD: Request Form 

Facilitators Guide

Included on the DVD is a free facilitator guide. If you're not sure whether to buy a copy, you can download the facilitator guide free below.

The guide is designed to help provoke useful discussion when using the DVD relating to the scenarios and news items included. the guide also acts as a resource for further information for trainers; linking into external news and resources.