Provider Manager

This full day session will teach you the roles and responsibilities within multi-agency safeguarding process and know how to examine issues regarding staff supervision. This training is most appropriate for managers of provider services with overall responsibility for safeguarding within their organisation.

You will explore preventative approaches to safeguarding and revisit definitions, categories, signs and symptoms. Overall you will gain increased confidence in making safeguarding decisions.

Prerequisites - Delegates must have completed safeguarding basic awareness training to apply for this course.

By the end of the training session, participants will:

  • Understand roles and responsibilities within the multi-agency safeguarding process,
  • Examine issues regarding staff supervision and management in safeguarding cases,
  • Explore safeguarding preventative approaches within work settings,
  • Review the use of the safeguarding procedures as a management tool,
  • Revisit definitions, categories, signs, symptoms and risk factors to facilitate effective referrals,
  • Have increased confidence in making decisions on safeguarding matters.

Cost: £80 per person

Duration: 1 day

Terms, conditions and payment details

This training is charged for all organisations at £80 per person, everyone who applies will be invoiced no later than 4-6 weeks prior to the course. Please note that no organisation will receive this training for free.

If you wish to cancel your place, the Essex Safeguarding Adult Board require no less than 7 days notice prior to the course date. If you cancel less than a week before the course you will still be charged for the training due to the difficulty in filling your place in under a week. 

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12th February 2018  - Colchester