ESAB Conference Self-Neglect 2016

Self-Neglect Conference a success

Practitioners from agencies across the county came together to discuss self-neglect…


Last Tuesday (20th September) saw professionals from across the adult safeguarding workforce come together for a conference based on Self-Neglect. The conference focussed on looking at whether some individuals are more inclined to self-neglect, how to spot the signs and identify those at risk, and how to help those people who won’t accept help.


Workshops covered topics including how substance misuse can lead to self-neglect, and how to handle cases where care is actively refused. The workshops looked specifically at the picture here in Essex, and the work being done locally with agencies to address self-neglect cases.


The conference welcomed keynote speakers, Michael Mandelstam, Health and Social Care Consultant who spoke about Self-Neglect and the Law and Dr. David Orr Lecturer in Social Work, University of Sussex who spoke about Self-Neglect and implications on practice. Danny Gatehouse, Director of Your Living Room CiC also attended to speak about self-neglect hoarding cases he had worked on. Danny presentation gave a powerful message to professionals of the personal, social and psychological damage that hoarding can have on an individual.


Feedback from the conference included:

well organised and gained valuable knowledge to take forward in my practice

made me think about practice

event was useful and upgraded my knowledge on hoarding

Speaker presentations can be located below:

Keynote speakers

Michael Mandelstam - Self-Neglect and the Care Act 2014

David Orr - Self-Neglect Implications for Practice


David Orr - Learning from Safeguarding Adult Reviews

Tom Nutt - Carer Self-Neglect

Emily Redmond - Unpaid Carers Findings

Penny Rogers - Capacity and Refusal of Care

Obi Unaka - Substance Misuse and Self-Neglect

More presentations to be added shortly.