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Concerned about an adult?    Social Care Direct 0345 6037630   

Informal Carers.

 Since April 2015, adult social care has undergone a major transformation.

The Care Act has introduced new rules and regulations that set out national standards for care and ensure that carers and the people they care for receive a fair deal.

Alongside ensuring that no-one pays more than £72,000 for care within one year, the Act has introduced new assessment criteria to identify who requires assistance with their care, or assistance caring for someone else.


Mental Health Social Care and Assessment Team

For some people, mental health issues can see their lives ‘spiral’ but what if you could introduce specialist support when things first start to go wrong and help support recovery before homelessness, a job loss or a family break-up occurs?

Essex County Council’s Mental Health Social Care and Assessment team offers early intervention, prevention and recovery to tackle issues before they become overwhelming.

The team, which includes social workers specialising in mental health, will accept referrals from those with a mental health condition (and their carers) between the ages of 18 and 65.

It aims to help people use their own skills and resources to achieve their goals, addressing a range of issues relating to their mental health including employment and housing.

This includes signposting to resources within the wider community and working closely with statutory services, voluntary, and charitable organisations to promote residents’ wellbeing.

To make a referral:

Call: 03330 322958 (9am-5pm Monday – Thursday, 9am-4.30pm – Friday).

The team will accept referrals for people aged 18 and above within the boundaries of Essex County Council, where a social care assessment is required in response to their metal health condition.

Who can make a referral?

  • Professionals who work or volunteer with adults
  • Carers can refer themselves or for those they care for
  • Individuals can also refer themselves directly

Please note, that for all referrals, the mental health condition must be the primary need.

Otherwise, please refer to Social Care Connect on 0345 6037630


Help & Support


If you provide care for an adult and think you qualify for assistance, you can request a Carers’ Assessment by contacting Essex County Council Adult Social Care on 0345 603 7630.



Assistance in your area. 

Essex Carers Network, telephone:

0787 6025480

Essex Carers Support

01255 474410

Supporting Carers in Essex

03007 708090


If you are concerned about someone suffering abuse, call Social Care Direct: 0345 6037630



For more help and advice for carers, visit the Living Well website by clicking below.