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Other Training

Other training can be found by clicking the below links to visit the Essex Safeguarding Children Board (ESCB) website and the Southend Essex Thurrock Domestic Abuse Board (SETDAB) website.





Due to the present situation concerning the coronavirus, ESAB have postponed all courses up until September. Delegates may continue to book onto courses from September onwards, thank you for your patience at this time.


Trauma Training


Your Practise Informed By Trauma

Target audience = Anyone who works with children and adults in Essex. 

About course = This one day course (9:30am - 4:30pm) will enable you to think about the impact of trauma and include this in the way you work benefitting both yourself and the people you work with. 

Aims of course = To demonstrate how working with a trauma model expands participants’ knowledge, understanding and awareness of the impact of trauma across the lifespan, the physical/psychological processes leading to better assessments of the impact, the interventions needed and subsequent issues for treatment and recovery.

  • Enable participants to recognise signs of stress, post-traumatic stress, post-traumatic stress disorder and vicarious trauma.
  • Stimulate/encourage development of skills, strategies and techniques for intervening safely.
  • Highlight danger of unhelpful/inappropriate interventions that can exacerbate symptoms and/or re-traumatise. 

Cost to participants = Free

Cancellation = ESCB Cancellation Policy

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Advanced course - One day on looking at ways of working with trauma

Target audience = For those who have completed the Your Practice informed by Trauma and would benefit from a more in depth course focussing on what to do and what not to do when working with someone who is still being affected by trauma recently or historically. 

About the course = This one day course follows on from the trauma basic awareness course and focuses on what to do and what not to do when working with someone who is still being affected by trauma recently or historically.

Cost = Free

Cancellation = ESCB Cancellation Policy

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Vicarious Trauma or Compassion Fatigue – It’s like boiling a frog!

Target audience = Supervisors and managers.

About the course = It will not be unusual to find workers who have had their own childhood or adult experiences of trauma and victimisation.  Their own need for recovery prompting engagement in therapy and/or working in a caring profession such as nursing, social work, foster carers.  The positive aspects of their own recovery through their own experience of therapy and/or experiencing positive relationships leads them to offering their own experiences as a base for understanding their client's needs and feelings to enable them both to recover from their experiences of harm. 

This course will support you as a supervisor and/or manager to;

  • Be aware of vulnerability to vicarious trauma
  • Recognise and respond to symptoms of vicarious trauma.

Cost = Free

Cancellation = ESCB Cancellation Policy

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