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Honour Based Abuse


Honour Based Abuse is an international term used by many cultures for justification of abuse and violence. It is a crime or incident committed in order to protect or defend the family or community ‘honour’.

Honour based abuse will often go hand in hand with forced marriages, although this is not always the case. Honour crimes and forced marriages are already covered by the law, and can involve a range of criminal offences.

Honour Based Abuse is often the collective term used to include Female Genital Mutilation and Forced Marriage.


Campaign: Right to Choose - the consequences of forced marriage. 





Always call 999 if immediate risk

How to get help: 

If someone you know is being forced into a marriage either in the UK or abroad you can contact either Essex Police on 101, or the Forced Marriage Unit on 020 7008 0151.

You can email the Forced Marriage Unit by clicking on the image below. 










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