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Definition: This can be a type of process that causes someone to adopt radical positions on political or social issues.



Campaign: The STOP Button Campaign. 

The STOP Button Campaign is a government site to report online extremist content, you can access this webpage by clicking on the button image below. 

Tackling extremist material is important to protect the public and prevent offences that incite or promote terrorism and extremism.

The Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit put considerable effort into removing terrorist and extremist material. 

However, this campaign is keen to highlight how Police depend on information from the public in their efforts to keep us all safe. 

The internet and social media provides many opportunities for those with extreme views to target young or vulnerable individuals. Anyone with concerns about online content, is being urged to report it by clicking the STOP Terrorists’ & Extremists’ Online button on the right.

From there, reports can be made anonymously about any online material promoting terrorism or extremism, including illegal or harmful information, pictures or videos found on the internet. 



Prevent is the multi-agency set of arrangements aimed at preventing individuals and groups from engaging in violent extremism. Prevent is not aimed at suppressing freedom of thought and expression.

Early indicators of extremism may include:

  • Showing sympathy for extremist causes
  • Glorifying violence
  • Evidence of possessing illegal or extremist literature
  • Advocating messages similar to illegal organisations such as ‘Muslims Against Crusades’ or other non-proscribed extremist groups such as the English Defence league
  • Out of character changes in dress, behaviour and peer relationships

 The Essex Channel Panel

The Channel Panel is the multi-agency mechanism that oversees and co-ordinates Prevent interventions in Essex. The panel has a statutory basis: under the terms of the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015, local authorities must:

  • Ensure a multi-agency panel exists and chair the panel
  • Use the panel to develop a support plan for accepted cases and signpost to other support where cases are not accepted
  • Ensure consent is sought prior to support being provided
  • Co-operate with other panel partners

(South East Counter Terrorism Unit 2015)

The Channel Panel will meet on a six weekly basis. Permanent members will include senior managers from Adult and Family Operations, and Essex Police Prevent team. Other agencies will be invited depending on need.

Potential referrals should be discussed with your organisations Prevent Champion, who will advise whether they should be referred to Channel. A referral form should be completed and returned to Essex Police Prevent Team. 

Referral form can be found under Professional Resources. 


Always call 999 if immediate risk

How to get help: If you have concerns a crime is being committed, planned or you are aware of any terrorist activity please contact Essex Police on either 999 (urgent) or 101 (all other enquiries) 

Any worker who has concerns someone is vulnerable to radicalisation should contact the Essex Police Prevent Team by clicking the image below. 

This form is to help you refer concerns into the Prevent/Channel team, regarding an individual who may be vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism. Please use the guidance to help you quantify and structure your concerns.

Completed forms should be sent to:

Have you seen or heard any suspicious activity? You can report it in confidence by clicking below. 





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