Hidden Harms Animation

Hidden Harms Animation – recognising domestic abuse affecting older people

Domestic abuse can happen at any age, and anyone can be affected. Research shows that domestic abuse affecting older people is often not recognised and largely under reported.

Essex, Thurrock and Southend Adult Safeguarding Boards, Compass and SETDAB have worked in partnership with Dewis Choice to produce the animation 'Hidden Harms', which can help you recognise abusive and harmful behaviours by family members and/or intimate partners. It explores different types of abuse and demonstrates how abuse isn’t always physical and can include your partner, ex-partner or family member trying to control you. Abuse can happen over many years or in later life, sometimes it builds up subtlety over time.

This animation has been co-created by domestic abuse survivors aged between 60-93 years old from Dewis Choice, who are now in recovery and living free from harm, fear and abuse.

Hidden Harms Animation (with subtitles)

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Generational attitudes about abuse may make it hard to identify as each generation has a unique set of values and beliefs. What may be perceived as acceptable or unacceptable can vary between different age groups. Older victims may have grown up in a time where the home was a private domain, and it would not have been deemed socially acceptable to discuss matters that occurred behind closed doors. Many victims have lived with the abuse for a long time.

You are not alone. There is help and support for you.

If you, or an adult you know, is at risk then please contact Compass on 0330 333 7 444 (8.00am to 8.00pm weekdays, 8.00am to 1pm weekends) for help and support.

Talking to someone will not mean having to make decisions you are not ready for, but it will create options to help you get the support you need to feel safer and happier.

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call 999