What is ESAB?

ESAB has statutory responsibilities to ensure accountability and assurance is in place in order to safeguard adults at risk and enable them to live lives free from abuse and neglect, by working closely with our partners.

ESAB Safeguarding Adult Strategy 2021-2024

ESAB's strategic plan outlines the Board's strategy up until March 2024, after which our new strategy for 2024-2027 will be put into place.

About ESAB

Find out more about the Essex Safeguarding Adult Board

What's new?

Check out campaigns, news and what's happening within ESAB. 

Learning and Development

ESAB offer a variety of accredited courses for safeguarding.

ESAB Independent Chair

ESAB is led by Independent Chair Deborah Stuart-Angus. 

Meet The Team

We have a dedicated team of five at ESAB and are supported by external partners.

Annual Report

The annual report is published in October each year and shared with partners.