Prevent aims to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism by working with some government departments, local authorities and community organisations. The three areas of focus are to: respond to the ideological challenge of terrorism and the threat from those who promote it.

When Making a Prevent Referral:

Education settings should have robust safeguarding policies in place to ensure that those at risk of radicalisation are identified and appropriate support is provided. Settings should consider the process for how learners or staff raise concerns regarding radicalisation internally and the approach for submitting a Prevent referral.

Make sure you have the details of how and who to make a Prevent referral to. Contact your Prevent partners or local authority for further information.

When making a referral, try to provide as much detail as possible to support the assessment process.

Notice, Check, Share should be viewed when concerns have been raised regarding a learner.

Details to include in the referral

When you make a Prevent referral about a learner, you should describe:

  • how or why your organisation came to be concerned
  • what happened if there was a specific event
  • the indicators that something is wrong
  • any sympathetic interest in hate crimes, extremism or terrorism - including any extremist ideology, group or cause, support for ‘school shooters’ or public massacres, or murders of public figures
  • any worrying use of mobile phone, internet or social media and how you found this out
  • any contact with groups or individuals that cause you concern, including who and how often, and why you’re concerned
  • any expression of wanting to cause physical harm, or threats of violence, including who to, when and what was said or expressed
  • any additional need, disability or special educational need, including what they are and if they’re known or suspected
  • any other safeguarding concerns about the family, peer group or environment
  • any discussions you’ve had with the learner, parent or carer (if under 18)
  • the parental or carer support (if known and under 18)
  • why the referral is relevant to Prevent, for example, is there a presence or possible presence, of any terrorist or terrorism-linked ideology
  • what you’re worried about, what may happen if the learner’s needs are not met and hoe this will affect them

If you have any questions whilst filling in the form, please call: 01245 452196

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